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May 01, 2016


Cubitic Electromechanical strives to provide the best services to its client. Therefore, we always search for the best products and work on strengthening the link with the supply chain.

One of those strategic partners is M/s PRIHODA s.r.o. PRIHODA is one of the top fabrics ducting manufacturing in the world. Cubitic Electromechanical is the exclusive agent of PRIHODA’s products for the United Arab Emirates.

May 09, 2016

Cubitic VIP

VIP (Video and Image Processing) Solutions is a subsection of Cubitic, which main purpose is to provide imaging products for various applications. Cubitic VIP offers exclusively computer vision services in the United Arab Emirates.

The deluge of complex images has created compelling challenges for the image processing community. There has been an increasing focus on developing novel image processing and visualization techniques to extract, compare, search and manage the knowledge in these data-intensive problems.

Cubitic VIP focuses on providing solutions for image processing applications in a wide range of fields including biomedical imaging, security and traffic technology. It suggests methodologies to solve high-throughput/high-content application examples, which usually suffer from extremely high computational time requirements due to the intricacy of full automation.

Our customers will have access to a wide variety of imaging products thanks to a full range of in-house expertise allowing us to supply the best possible service when choosing an imaging solution.

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